Macquinn knew he wanted to be an architect from a young age. He can recall a time in the eighth grade when he watched his older cousin, who is an architect, design and sketch 3D views of buildings. He knew then that this would be his career path. He enjoys the fact that he can tackle a different set of challenges every day, as no two projects are alike and each one comes with its own set of constraints and as a result, unique opportunities to uncover. For Macquinn, personal success lies in being organized, resourceful, and able to break down large projects to smaller manageable tasks by knowing everyone’s strengths and leveraging them to function as a well-coordinated team.

To me, a project’s success lies in having a holistic team composed of a diversity of skillsets and perspectives.

Macquinn brings over 17 years of diverse and extensive professional experience, including seven years as an Architect in the United Arab Emirates & India and over nine years as an Associate, Project Manager, Architect & Contract Administrator in Toronto, Canada. He has worked on projects spanning condominium developments, hotels, retail, mixed-use developments, office towers, apartment buildings, and a research and development centre. Macquinn brings his multi-sector experience to every project he works on to uncover design solutions that are thoughtful, innovative, and built for elevated human experiences. He leads by example and believes that mentoring his team is key to collective success.