You could say that Tonic Zhu learned to love architecture. When he chose it as his major in college, he wasn’t quite sure what it entailed but once he delved into the practicum, he knew it was what he was meant to do. And while he doesn’t believe that there’s such thing as finding your perfect happiness in life, Tonic’s personal sense of paradise lives in always learning something new. Interested in what makes people tick, Tonic appreciates design that reflects a human touch – where the human scale and an understanding of how people are influenced by design comes through clearly. In fact, human-centred design aspects are precisely what he appreciates about his hometown.

Stay hungry. Stay foolish.

Tonic’s role in projects has included everything from concept design, to design development, and working drawing design, all the way to site service stages for residential communities, office buildings, and commercial facilities. Currently, he’s responsible for daily coordination between clients, his internal team, and consultants. He appreciates the opportunity to take on an all-encompassing view of the projects he works on to fit the pieces together. Tonic believes that successful teams communicate constantly and work with a clear understanding of responsibilities.