Felipe Zumaeta began his design career in his hometown in Santiago, Chile and after two years, he decided it was time to explore the world. After having packed his bags and choosing to come to Canada, he landed in Toronto and found employment as a designer to pay his bills with the intention of continuing his travels. The city however, had other plans for him. Intrigued by the many things this multi-cultural urban hub offers, Felipe stuck around longer than he originally anticipated. A major city on a small scale with everything in walking distance, Felipe was more than happy to call Toronto home.

Architectural design is about translating the pursuit of beauty into the built form.

Fast forward to 2014 when Felipe joined B+H and brought with him a plethora of experience in the field with projects located around the world. With a broad base of experience built on developing communities and solo developments, Felipe is well equipped to bring innovative and implementation-based solutions to the table. He’s positively obsessed with creating workflows and learning how to better communicate and work together on multi-disciplinary teams. Finding efficiencies through streamlining processes is his strength and using the right technology and tools to get the job done – his passion. With the right tools operating together, an integrated workflow, and an inspired approach, Felipe finds practical ways to implement theory and concept into tangible results and enhanced experiences.