Tranquil refuge for an exclusive discovery

Arbutus Club

Project Photos

Inspired by the lush surroundings of the Arbutus Club, the design of the event spaces are created with the notion of a hidden path.

Drawn by the exclusivity of the property, its symbolism of success and how it has become an urban retreat for its select membership, we follow this path to the apex of our journey.

Only the few get to discover the tranquility of the path and they worked hard to get there. The design of the event spaces focuses on creating a quiet luxury experience for guests upon their arrival. Members and visitors will experience a journey full of design elements crafted to reinforce this exclusive refuge.

With a sophisticated and warm palette, attention to detail and careful selection of work by local artists, the West Coast beauty echoes throughout the space.

The hidden path awaits to give members and guests a journey filled with the joy of discovery.