A Patient-Centric Facility Designed For Complex Specialist Outpatient Needs

Changi General Hospital (Medical Centre)

Project Photos

Located within the eastern public healthcare cluster of Singapore, the Changi General Hospital (CGH) campus spreads across approximately 180,000 square metres. The new Medical Centre, together with the Integrated Building (completed in 2014), is part of the expansion and intensification of the existing CGH campus which has been transformed into a community hub for wellness and healing through an environment that encourages patients’ smooth transition back home and to their community.

The design features of the new Medical Centre building demonstrate a holistic approach to healthcare design that is patient-centric, age-friendly, flexible, and sustainable. We approached the campus design as a whole, ensuring operations were efficient and the site flexible for future expansion. The centre portion of the CGH site has been re-purposed as a landscaped open space framed by the existing campus and new Medical Centre building.


“Deeply rooted in the principles of Evidence Based Design, the facility embodies the latest thinking in outpatient care delivery with a focus on flexibility, adaptability, and future proofing through a standardised and modular layout. Its architectural expression echoes this ethos, featuring clean, swooping lines built from pre-assembled modular systems resulting in a reduction in construction schedule and high-quality building finishes.” –David Stavros

The new Medical Centre houses 15 specialist clinics and centres with more than 130 consultation rooms. It is designed to facilitate a new model of care in Singapore that enables multi-specialty practices (MSPs) to provide more accessible and streamlined care to patients. The clustering of medical centres and services under one roof allows patients with complex medical conditions to seek consultation from different specialty doctors on the same day resulting in faster diagnosis and more timely treatment options. Overall this will provide greater patient care, improved conditions for staff, and better performance of the facility itself.