Parisian inspired residential spaces that refine heritage

Chloe Kerrisdale

Project Photos

The romance of discovery is found in all aspects of life if you are willing to explore. Travel, culture, design, music, fashion all inspire life and none are more influential than seeing these aspects through the cultural lens of the city of Paris. Through the distinct architecture, fragrant French gardens and the overall appreciation of the finest details in living, the interior design for this development seeks to celebrate these unique Parisian details within.

A Classical foundation juxtaposed with modern details, the interior design will pay homage to the famous Parisian influence through elegant design and positioning. Organic and historic details, crisp and luxurious materials create a delicate balance between order and nature.

With soft palettes and sophistication, the result is unforgettable spaces that express the effortless elegance, grace, and joie de vivre of Paris itself. A balance between indulgence and restraint, between measure and proportion and between structure and abstraction, the Chloe Kerrisdale project will be an exquisite jewel standing out within the community.