Traditional Garden in a Modern Context

Columbia Suzhou Senior Living

Project Photos

As a site improvement project, Columbia Suzhou Senior Living has established a very clear and direct goal from the beginning of the project under the restriction of site condition, construction budget and construction time. Using the location of the site in the city center, the concept of “community activities” is introduced into the spatial operation of the nursing home.


The original enclosed entrance will be open to the urban public space, and the permeable and free atrium garden will activate the passive space formed by the building. Traditional Suzhou sceneries are infused throughout the grounds, ensuring the space feels as though it belongs in the community it exists within. Bringing the strong Chinese garden character of Suzhou into the outdoor space of the modern functional nursing home helps create a space of enjoyment and connection to nature and history. This also helps to balance the overall urban style of Suzhou, while meeting the necessary functional needs of the nursing home. Here, seniors can live in a comfortable landscape environment that includes water features, walking paths and corridors with beautiful views. Importantly, this environment is helpful for recuperation and rehabilitation, allowing the residents to live healthy and fruitful lives.