A Vancouver Icon, Reinvented

Confidential Tech Client

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With over 65 years of history, The Post begins its latest chapter as Metro Vancouver’s newly redeveloped mixed-used commercial and retail space. Inspired by Vancouver’s rich and diverse cultural landscape, it pays homage to the site’s heritage, the surrounding urban landscape, and the generations that have called it home.


Designed to achieve LEED Gold certification, the South Tower of The Post incorporates architectural elements that promote natural light and biophilic design, contributing to health and wellness. Drawing inspiration from the intricate craftsmanship of materials like ceramic, stone, glass, and metal, areas of interest within the tower will be strategically placed to evoke curiosity, foster discovery, and provide moments of delight. The design encourages users to actively seek out these features, creating a dynamic and engaging experience that evolves from day to day.

Thoughtfully positioned on each level, features embodying the design concepts will serve as landmarks, creating moments of interest and delight. The cohesive base palette, comprising textures, colours, and forms, will weave through the
entire space, connecting these moments and offering a unified experience as visitors move seamlessly from one area to another and from floor to floor.

The Post is exclusively occupied by a confidential tech client, encompassing the entire 1.1 million sq ft of office space in the South and North Towers and serving as the workplace for over 6,000 employees. This location not only marks the
tech client’s largest office in downtown Vancouver but also stands as the most extensive office building in the city center.