Embracing a City’s Diversity Through Design

Delta Calgary Downtown

Project Photos

The design for the Delta Calgary Downtown is inspired by the unique diversity of the city itself. Calgary has evolved significantly over the years, and its atmosphere spans from business professional to agricultural industry to party during the stampede. It is in a constant state of movement and transition, and the design for this Calgary hotel reflects that.

Guests from all walks of life need to feel comfortable and welcome in this downtown hotel, while also getting a distinct “Calgary” feeling. Building upon Calgary’s deep connection with nature and weather patterns, a natural pallet, clean lines, and abstract textures were the main design concepts. The use of stone and wood recall nature, but refined silhouettes and high-end finishes keep things decidedly modern. Rope accents remind guests of the early days of exploration along the Bow River, which the Delta Calgary Downtown looks out upon, as well as provide a sense of the strength and unity the city has by weaving together its many parts.

The design also captures the bright optimism of the young and evolving city through the use of colour. Tones of grey, brown, and black are accented with goldenrod and blues that are serene yet inviting. By adding colour to architectural elements, unexpected placements of colour, and pops of bright yet earthy colours throughout, guests are consistently reminded of the playful side of the city. They are invited to take part in this bright optimism during their stay at the Delta Calgary Downtown, and to embrace the many sides of Calgary.