A pearl nestled along the coast of Yuelan Bay

Greenland Primus Resort & Apartments, Sanya, China

Project Photos

Situated in Yuelan Bay with a mountain backdrop, the Greenland Primus Resort Sanya provides modern travellers a peaceful and relaxing retreat away from the hustle and bustle on Hainan Island, also known as the Eastern Hawaii.


The entire property is divided into two parts, with a beach resort to the west and separate apartments to the east, connected by public amenities shared by both parts. Guestroom and apartment wings emanate from either side of the lobby, to maximize the scenic view for each room. The space combines local cultural influences with the contemporary, minimalist trend, offering a unique tropic experience for the guests. Our team provided interior design for key public areas and guest suites for the apartment tower and landscape architecture design for the entire property.


The interior design concept evolves from the alluring and magnificent pearl. China has a long and rich history with the pearl, dating back to 4000 years ago. Hainan Pearls were recognized and widespread, dating back to the Qin Dynasty (221 to 206 BC) with its abundant pearl production on the island. Throughout history pearls were widely used in ornaments, fine jewelry, medicine and beauty products, a practice that continues to thrive in the region today.

Our design aims to provide guests with a wow factor when they step into the room for the first time, just like the special moment when human beings first discovered the pearl that lies within the oyster.


The unique locale inspired the designers to integrate traditional cultural elements and classic Asian motifs in unusual ways: materials, textures and patterns inspired by the jewellery, accessories, and pottery from the local Li & Miao ethnic minority group.

Furniture and fixtures in the living zones host the elegant yet concise silhouettes associated with the Primus Brand. The suites are comprised of a collection of rich luxurious materials such as marble countertops, warm wood veneer and reflective polish found in the furniture and millwork details. The use of stone and wood recall the resort’s connection with the natural environment, while the abstract textures for floor tiles and credenza countertops are reminiscent of the pearl shell. The stunning headboard wall concept is taken from the exquisite metal work found on the headdress and jewelry of the Miao ethnic minority group and translated into a highly graphic statement piece. The glamorous and bold navy and gold colour palette elevates the design by layering texture, pattern and sparkle, while the rustic and unique furniture selection evokes the vacation feel. The seamlessly integrated elements of the indigenous location and luxury can be discovered in each suite leaving guests feeling as though they’ve found a rare treasure.


The public areas echo the vacation feel of those in the living zones, promoting a relaxed experience. The apartment lobby, bordered on one side by a graphic wall with regional patterns, connects with poolside pavilions by covered corridors. Sleek, soft tonal color palettes inspired by the textural essence of the Sanya natural landscape are balanced by dark wood materials that are widely used in public areas.