A New Urban Landmark Defined by Culture and Art

Lingang Group Hongkou Valley Mixed-​Use

Project Photos

Lingang Group Hongkou Valley Mixed-use sits in the emerging community of Daning of the Jing’an District and contains multi-functional condo, office, and retail zones. The project revolves around the vision of upgrading local services and amenities, creating a green community and social hub, and building a new urban landmark defined by culture and art.

The site has already attracted condo inhabitants and a workforce, which provide consistent traffic for long-term commercial development. The semi-enclosed space at the retail entrance and inner patio is suitable for drawing a crowd and holding commercial activities. The project has an open landscape design, offering a high-quality comm and unity activity space for the residents living in surrounding communities.

The landscape design offers compelling green experiences and enhances users’ interactions with nature. With vivid planting strategies, the three main zones showcase energetic and eco-balanced characteristics. The colorful floral retail zone, the vegetal green office zone, and the umbrella-shaped condo zone all reveal a vibrant image of this mix-used community.

*Renderings reflect in-progress design study.