Where Award-Winning Cuisine Meets Karl Lagerfeld's Timeless Elegance for an Unforgettable Dining Journey

Mesa by José Avillez

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Mesa by José Avillez, the award-winning Portuguese restaurant, is located at THE KARL LAGERFELD, the world’s first and only hotel with interiors entirely designed by the late fashion legend. The exquisite and luxurious setting offers guests an unparalleled immersion into Karl’s unique taste in modern Chinoiserie design infused with his inimitable fashion sense.

Appointed as the Executive Interior Designer CHIL Interior Design commissioned to oversee the delivery of Karl Lagerfeld’s striking design concepts, from his bold new vision of luxury hospitality design to every single fine detail visible by the guests. Working closely with the designer himself throughout the making of this one-of-its-kind masterpiece, CHIL perfectly captured the essence of Karl Lagerfeld’s vision and added value to the successful delivery of the project through its leading expertise in global hospitality interior design.

The interior of Mesa by José Avillez exemplifies Karl’s lifelong fascination with, and inexhaustible exploration of, design and style. Through the restaurant’s design, Karl expresses lifestyle pleasures through a lavish and eclectic blend of Chinese and Western luxury manifesting the designer’s cosmopolitan philosophy and distinct artistic vision. Prominent symbols in Chinese culture including the peony, phoenix, and jade inform the design, which unfold throughout the hotel as guests enter and embark on a journey of style, rejuvenation, and splendor.

Upon entering the restaurant, the guests will be amazed by the creative combination of bold colors and iconic patterns. Chinese elements are expressed through diversified forms, from the noble color tone consisted by black, gold, and red, overscale graphics, glittering texture, to the unusual shapes of custom-made furniture. Their extraordinary proportions and composition represent Karl Lagerfeld’s sophisticated reimagining of modern Chinoiserie via traditional craftsmanship.

Karl’s precise attention to detail is reflected throughout the intricate and opulent flourishes that inform the project’s immersive design. CHIL meticulously executed the project with a profound understanding of Karl’s core aesthetic that reaches beyond his widely celebrated style in fashion. Working with a perfectionist who has superlative attention to detail requires an equal adherence to perfection.

With each pattern, material and design element personally conceived of or selected by Karl, CHIL coordinated a seamless integration of artistic design concepts with technical aspects. From the planning to project management, quality control and final delivery, CHIL merged Karl’s high concept vision with flawless execution, delivering a fashion hospitality project that dazzles guests through an exploration of the legendary designer’s boundless inspiration.