Creating a Connected and Sustainable Community

Ministry of Housing, Taif

Project Photos

Taif initiative is one of the largest undertakings by the Ministry of Housing in the Saudi Arabia western region. It covers a fairly square shaped land parcel of over 12 sq. km. and will be the largest suburban city in the Taif Metropolitan Area. The development will become home for about 70,000 residents, accommodated in about 10,500 residential units – apartments, townhouses, and individual villas.

Wadi Landscape

Sustainable design solutions included the rehabilitation and protection of the wadi nature system by including them in the Open Space design (providing shaded areas for the recreational amenities and pedestrian pathways – treeways, trellises and canopies), and by locating community facilities and centres within walking distance of the residential groups. Great attention has been given to pedestrian movement between residential groups, community amenities, and Mujawara centres, by creating a pedestrian pathway system segregated from vehicular traffic.

MOHT-​V3 Pedestrian Connection