Integrating Art and Technology

OPPO Chang’an Corporate University and R&D Center

Project Photos

This OPPO development sits in the centre of Chang’an Town, Dongguan, on the side of the city’s main avenue, in a coveted location. The design scope includes the OPPO Research and Development Center (office building), OPPO CHUANXIYUAN (enterprise university), and the Central Loop connecting the two buildings. Although the buildings are relatively low compared to the surrounding buildings, they showcase OPPO’s unique design concept and brand spirit.

OPPO CHUANXIYUAN incorporates a lobby, lecture hall, training classroom, hotel, and an aerial library on the top floor, mainly receiving middle- and junior-level, along with new employees from other branches across the country and around the world. The design draws inspiration from the imaging technology that OPPO excels at and transforms the photographic language into space language to construct a complete storyline of OPPO’s legacy.

The R&D Center has various types of employee spaces, including a lobby, a service centre, an entertainment centre, a conference center, and an office area. The logo-inspired design and incorporation of the brand concept of “art and technology integration” have created a workplace with OPPO’s unique aesthetic characteristics that integrate spirit and function.

The Central Loop covers the public walkway in the outer circle and the staff fitness centre in the inner circle. This hyperboloid arc element blurs the boundary of sky and horizon, showcasing the energetic, technological, and future OPPO to the public.