Shenzhen Tanglang Mountain Viewing Pavilions

Project Photos

As one of the most famous of Shenzhen’s lookout points, the design competition to reimagine the Tanglang Mountain represented a unique opportunity to create a bold new nature-focused destination that reflects the local history and global aspirations of this dynamic city. Based on principles of biomimicry, the design took inspiration from the surrounding forest system and created a series of leaf-shaped pavilions that foster connections between both the natural and built worlds.

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Our vision is driven by the unique culture and community of Shenzhen. The Tanglang Mountain Viewing Pavilions are reborn as nature inspired beacons that connect sea to sky, mountain to city and the city’s people with each other and the world. In a symbiotic process between the built environment and the surrounding nature, the pavilions unfurl like leaves within a forest and can be seen as reflections of the aspirations of Shenzhen and her citizens. The pavilions are carefully designed to foster both moments of quiet introspection in which a shared local culture and community is revealed, and moments of celebration, which look toward a bright and resilient common future.

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