An Interim Solution Offers Long-term Benefits

Singapore General Hospital – Plot H9A Mixed Use Development

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Shortly after winning the competition to design the Outram Community Hospital at Singapore General Hospital (SGH), B+H was selected by Singapore Ministry of Health to design another major facility for the same healthcare campus. SGH is one of the oldest and most prominent public hospitals in Singapore, and the Plot H9A Mixed Use Development will play a pivotal role in its renewal. Accident & Emergency services and Acute Medical Care services will be decanted into the new H9A block to allow for extensive renovations to the existing Acute Care hospital. H9A, which is expected to house these functions for approximately 15 years, will also contain four outpatient wards, three floors of administrative office space, and a below-grade centralized mortuary for the entire campus. We have designed a mixed-use tower with 13 above-grade storeys and three subterranean levels that can be retained or expanded for its initial uses after renovations to the Acute Care facility are completed, or converted to a new mix of uses.

Plot H9A’s site is a constrained one that negotiates a change in level, and the building’s Emergency Department had to be designed to function seamlessly and efficiently over three levels. As well, the combination of functions that this building must perform required exceptionally dextrous planning to maintain all necessary separation of flows while ensuring that the building will be simple to navigate for patients, visitors and staff.