Master Planning Cutting Edge Facilities

State Nuclear Power Scientific Research and Innovation Centre

Project Photos

In 2010, B+H began to work on the master planning of the State Nuclear Power Scientific Research and Innovation Centre (SNPRI) after winning an international architectural competition. The objective of the State Nuclear Power Technology Corporation’s (SNPTC) Institute of Science and Technology is to position itself as a world-class institute of scientific research with a platform based on exploring fundamental and cutting edge nuclear technologies to attract leading talent in the industry.

This extensive R&D development includes the strategic design of laboratories, R&D offices, learning centres, and conference facilities. Recognizing that the plan would require the consideration of a myriad of technically complex spaces and facilities associated to matters of national security, we approached the planning process with a motto of simple yet effective design to produce well-detailed, elegant, and sustainable designs.

Our approach promotes the connectivity of the R&D campus landscape through green spines and covered alleys, thereby improving unity on site, and facilitating smooth transportation and traffic flows. Employing environmentally sensitive principles, this major government program integrates many sustainable design strategies including land, energy, and water preservation; water harvesting; passive shading; solar heating; and recyclable building materials; which help to reduce and more effectively manage long terms costs and expenses.