The Third Prize in The Urban Planning Competition

The Jiulongpo Area of The Western (Chongqing) Science City

Project Photos

Situated at the south end of the Western Trough Valley of Chongqing, the Jiulongpo Area of The Western (Chongqing) Science City is adjacent to the primary waterway in China – the Yangtze River. It sits at the southernmost end of the overall urban planning of Science City. It’s also the western entrance to Chongqing’s major area under construction – the Double-city Economic Circle of Chongqing and Chengdu.

This plan fully integrates the existing resources of different industries in Science City and reorganizes the transportation network. It also places Science Avenue as the north-south development axis, successively laying out the Zero-carbon Corridor, Scientific Innovation Field, Creative Intelligence Park, Prospect Parlor, and Resilience Gateway. Connected to metro, high-speed railway, shipping centers, and BRT stations and through the incorporation of core industrial projects, each region will gain achievements based on the Transit-Oriented Development model, driving the growth of each cluster.

The design respects existing ecological resources and retains the fundamental functions of existing farmland. In addition, it actively explores the organic integration of advanced intelligent technologies and agriculture, creating a boundless experience of poetic nature with scientific innovation. The southern region is built around the Yangtze River, building diverse habitats and natural environments by protecting the ecological foundation of the Yangtze River. Meanwhile, through smart logistics, digital shipping, riverside tourism, intangible cultural heritage derivatives, and wetland, the design creates a waterfront space with the integration of waterscape and urban view.

*Renderings reflect the design competition.