Connecting Past, Present and Future Through Design

The United Bldg Public Realm + Amenities

Project Photos

The United Bldg is located at 481 University Avenue, at the intersection of Toronto’s primary cultural, institutional, and retail anchors. Through its design, it connects past, present and future and reflects the city’s rich diversity. The building celebrates the grand civic boulevard while establishing an urban landmark public space on Dundas Street in the form of a galleria that enhances the City of Toronto’s vision for one of its most prominent thoroughfares by revitalizing a full urban block. 

The addition of a wide pedestrian arcade along the city sidewalk introduces a magnetic element to the design through its retail and public art components, while also connecting to a new entrance to the subway. These improvements will transform the public realm on this busy urban corner.

The United Bldg’s outdoor private amenities are situated on the 13th and 14th floors. Spaces include open-area seating and gathering spots for enjoyment in the warm months while others offer enclosure for colder days. A walking path designed along the perimeter encourages movement and capitalizes on the condo’s sweeping views of the city. Plantings and water features including a pool and hot tub are featured throughout to introduce natural elements in this urban setting.