This new boutique hotel celebrates the various personalities that exist within the realm of social media

Versante Hotel

Project Photos

Voyeurism has gone global.  As a society, we are now more interested than ever before in what other people are doing, how they look, what they are consuming and where they are going. In the ever-expanding outlets in which people choose to display their lives, areas like hotel rooms, even public bathrooms, and corridors, are now a backdrop to modern day popularity.

Guestrooms and suites are divided up into 5 unique schemes that speak to the individual personalities we celebrate within the online community: the Creative, the Wanderer, the Active, the Social, and the Individual.

Defined by bold colours that speak to each personality the spacious and well-appointed guestrooms reflect the health and wellness aspirations of the Active or the vibrant and dynamic personality of the Social to name a few.  With large spa-like bathrooms that boast floating marble vanities in soft green, custom lit arched mirrors and large walk-in showers with a free-standing tub, each guestroom and suite allow for an experience unlike others.

The CHIL Suite and the Versante Suite both provide upgraded experiences for those who need more room to entertain or relax.  The CHIL Suite has an immersive primary bedroom with mirrored starburst headboard and ceiling treatment supported by soft pink and peach jungle flora wallpaper and an adjacent bathroom with a floating vanity on the mirror for uninterrupted views of the city.

In the Versante Suite, the large custom blue kitchen with an adjoining dining and living room highlighting bold and lush custom furniture is one aspect of a large penthouse suite that also boasts a full white marble palatial bathroom with a deep red vanity in which to capture that perfect selfie.

The entire hotel, from public areas to guestrooms, is infused with bright colours, elaborate patterns, bold stones, bright reflective materials that all speak to and celebrate that main statement of you have arrived.  Appointed with original artwork by Marie Kourie and Andy Dixon, this hotel also celebrates Canadian artists and provides many opportunities for the guests to appreciate all of what Vancouver has to offer.

A unique feature among many in this hotel are the unisex bathrooms which float in a millwork oval above the lobby.  Within, this almost circular room is enveloped in a red glow from the lights mimicking Chinese lanterns in the ceiling balanced with rich black marble and high gloss black doors with lion’s head knockers.  Free standing sinks and glowing mirrors create an atmosphere that will make those last touch ups simply perfect.