Creating Resilient Community + Lifestyle Ecotourism Destination in Phu Quoc

Violet Valley Residential Development Master Plan

Project Photos

Vietnam’s Phu Quoc District is rapidly taking a leading role as a premier leisure destination for Asia in the world map of tourism. Vietnam Government’s ambitious plan, therefore, is to develop Phu Quoc as an eco-tourism hub with resorts, amusement and financial support activities to create a self-sustaining community. Based on the principle of creating an adaptive development in response to exceptional natural qualities of site, the Violet Valley new master plan will create a unique community that provides a diverse range of workplace, living, and public amenities while celebrates its exceptional setting of nature in the powerful context of green and blue.

Integrating water as a key experiential driver, the master plan will form a new community that is intimately connected to and shaped by its relationship with water. Situated adjacent to the protective forest area of the Bo Doi Mountain, the 52-ha residential development is divided into eight key zones of different residences and a village centre. A timeline connective experience defining the zoning and architectural character across the site establishes an integrated mixed-use core area surrounded by eco-homes supporting high-level sustainability objectives. The character zones and building typologies are inspired by the local indigenous flowers to define each cluster character. The internal main traffic system is adapted to the natural topography of the site to retain its unique features. The plan also utilizes low-lying terrain in the west to create a large landscape lake with new types of waterfront bungalows, lake-view villas and a floating wellness and healing service centre within the lagoon.

The diverse and plentiful landscape of surrounding area with mountains, forests, cashew orchards, pepper farms, fruit gardens and streams flowing through the land helps to shape spectacular vistas for the development. The greenery parks in the residential areas are retained and upgraded from the existing forest ecosystem to create a calm and relaxing living environment. Violet Valley Development is set to be a showcase of thought leadership and new community planning standards in Vietnam.