Dealing with the Dinosaurs

Healthcare 3.0

December 8, 2016

Healthcare today is crisis-driven, infrastructure heavy, and offers a less than desirable customer experience.  Worse, across the United States, healthcare delivery is financially unsustainable for payers, employers and individuals alike.

But the healthcare dinosaurs’ era is coming to an end. A metaphoric asteroid of technological innovation and social change is disrupting the once-familiar healthcare landscape. Mobile diagnostics, self-tracking wearables, personalized medicine, retail clinics, virtual medicine, and electronic record keeping are each making their impact – but to what end?

Tomorrow’s healthcare consumer will be proactive, data-driven and engaged in health decisions. Many large hospitals fear becoming disenfranchised, disempowered by a trend towards decentralized health and wellness facilities. Is this a threat – or a tremendous opportunity?

Within this window of disruption and massive change can we seize the moment to create a healthcare delivery platform that embraces lucrative new service lines, provides holistic, preventive care and an appealing, engaging user experience?

Imagine a whole health eco-system that meets the consumer on their own turf, integrating healthcare into the community and workplace setting. This system advantageously blends the virtual and physical worlds to create better outcomes – for people, for employers, for providers, and for the livability of our cities. It focuses on wellness and prevention, leverages insights from data-driven behavioral economics to “nudge” people towards improved self-accountability and empowers stronger personal interactions between providers and consumers.

Funding models reward providers and consumers alike for smart investments in wellness and prevention. Employers benefit from a happier, healthier, more productive workforce. Existing real estate assets transform as new mixes of use and blends of services activate space at the heart of the community. There is a better answer that is socially desirable, financially profitable and empowered by disruptive technology and insights into human behaviour.

At B+H Advance Strategy, we are passionate about leading the way and finding it.  Interested in learning more about how we are dealing with the dinosaurs?  Then reach out and drop us a line – we would love to come by and share what we have developed.