How Do We Capture Local Flavour?

Creating Compelling Destinations

November 26, 2019

The creation of every compelling destination begins with a vision. As designers, it’s our job to ask the right questions to tease out the details of each project’s unique vision and understand how to translate the intangibles of experience into the built environment. By thinking holistically and asking tough questions, we deliver our clients’ visions, so nothing is lost in translation.

Asking the right questions is about asking the questions that uncover the experiences people crave. People always come first.

How do we capture local flavour?

Compelling destinations tap into and embody the human experience. From hotels to residential communities, retail centres, restaurants, educational institutions and sports arenas, memorable destinations resonate with people because they tell stories about communities and culture through their design. While it’s impossible to predict what the future may bring, one thing is certain: people will always crave connection and belonging through shared experiences. Today’s hospitality destinations demonstrate this enduring need for connection by immersing travelers in the local scene, including everything from regional customs and cuisine to design stories that speak to cultural origins and local contexts.

Our interior design for the Greenland Primus Resort & Apartments in Sanya, Hainan Province is inspired by China’s long and rich history with the Hainan pearl. Dating back 4,000 years when they were abundantly produced on the island, the Hainan pearl was widely used in ornaments, fine jewelry, medicine and beauty products. The deep history, tradition and sense of place that the pearl represents guided our design in the use of local materials used to convey luxury, elegance and the allure of finding a rare pearl inside an oyster. Materials, textures and patterns are also inspired by the jewelry, accessories and pottery from the local Li and Miao ethnic groups with a contemporary, minimalist twist to offer guests a unique local tropical experience.

The property for the resort and apartments is divided into two sections with separate lobbies and entrances within one cohesive design aesthetic. The beach resort sits on the westside while the apartment tower sits on the east, connected by shared public amenities. Inspired by the surrounding natural landscape, the soothing and soft tonal colour palette is balanced by dark wood floors and vaulted roof forms that symbolize the waves and mountains nearby. Interiors were thoughtfully designed to reflect the restorative quality of being in nature, encouraging guests to immerse themselves in environments that promote calm and serenity.