B+H, 3XN, and Zhubo Design Selected to Design the New Shenzhen Natural History Museum

November 25, 2020

Consortium awarded first place in an international competition attracting over 70 proposals from around the world. Fifteen teams were selected for the bidding stage, representing 18 countries across North America, Asia, and Europe.

B+H, 3XN and Zhubo Design were recently awarded first place in an international design competition for the new Shenzhen Natural History Museum, set to be one Shenzhen’s “Ten Cultural Facilities of the New Era” and the first large-scale comprehensive natural museum in Southern China once complete.

Located adjacent to the picturesque Yanzi Lake in the Pingshan District of Shenzhen, the new 42,000m2 facility will be a world-class natural science museum dedicated to interpreting the laws of natural evolution, showing the geographies of Shenzhen and its ecology in a global perspective, and actively advocating science.

1376 Shenzhen Natural History Museum_View 02_Aerial 02

Shenzhen Natural History Museum, Shezhen, China

B+H, 3XN and Zhubo Design’s winning design scheme, entitled “Delta”, rises seamlessly from the river delta, inviting visitors and residents to journey along its accessible green rooftop. A public park extends throughout the roof and highlights the Natural History Museum’s organic geometries. Like a river stream finding its shape in balance with the earth, every turn frames a new spectacular view over the surrounding park, hills, and lake from dedicated viewing terraces along the roof park.

1376 Shenzhen Natural History Museum_View 03_Waterfront

The design extends the public park network and aims to maximize access to the lush green areas throughout with a range of activities dedicated to keeping the site open and active throughout the day – from early morning jogs to late evening strolls. This gives the opportunity for residents and visitors alike to enjoy and connect with nature.

Like water streaming down a river, the undulating form leads guests to a ”cave”’ inspired passage that is connected to the to the museum lobby and activated by multiple cafes and public areas, serving as the pulsating heart of the building.

1376 Shenzhen Natural History Museum_View 05_Entrance Interior

Judges’ commentary

The concept of “Delta” is very creative. The continuously sloping exterior wall with the landscape roof creates a continuous volume and spatial experience. The form of the cliff is very interesting, and the details are handled well. The layout of the museum and its interaction with ramps and walls create interesting spaces.” – Philip Cox

This building captures the unique atmosphere of a riverfront site and finds the timeless property of water as a concept. The connection between function, site, concept, structure, material and space is very clear.” – Yvonne Farrell

Combined with the characteristics of Yanzi Lake Park, this design stays in harmony with surrounding landscape as an extension of landscape path.” – Hang Liu

The plan makes full utilization of the landscape in the site. Through a dynamic architectural form, it creates a beautiful, natural, and dynamic nature museum concept.” –  Weiping Shao

1376 Shenzhen Natural History Museum_X Bonus 05 evening

Project location:
Yanzi Lake, Pingshan Dist., Shenzhen
Team: B+H, 3XN and Zhubo Design
Client: Engineering Design Management Center of Shenzhen Municipal Construction and Public Works Administration
Planned construction area: about 42,000 m2
GFA: tentatively 100,000 m2
Images: Courtesy of 3XN
The text and images in this announcement have been taken from publications released by the Engineering Design Management Center of Shenzhen Municipal Construction and Public Works Administration.