It was late one Friday afternoon when Paul Morissette received an unusual call. At the other end was an Australian man who, while staying at the Fairmont Waterfront, had an epiphany: “the angels were speaking to him”. The experience of staying in a room designed by CHIL was so rewarding to this man that he desired the same experience for his guests. The conversations that followed led to a successful relationship with a riverboat cruise company and the design of several boats in Russia and Southeast Asia. To this day, Paul still laughs as he tells the story knowing that as a designer, he works hard to market his team’s great work but the best marketing comes from optimal guest experiences and memorable designs.

Who you work with is just as important as what you do and every single person’s contribution to a team can determine its success.

Paul has the unique perspective of working directly with hotel brands and as an architect, project manager, and designer. This practical experience has shaped his role as global lead for hospitality interior design and provided him with a comprehensive grasp of the design process, development requirements, and contractual obligations associated with major projects. With a firm grasp on the programming, design, documentation, and management of major hospitality and residential projects, he’s well-versed in the world of hospitality and the principles of inspiring interior design.

While the thrill of new experiences is what draws many to travel, for Paul it’s about family, connection, and a focus on quality time. This philosophy has always translated into his management and leadership styles. Paul treats the studio as a family – a group of people working collaboratively to create collective experiences. He recognizes that his knowledge is an asset and shares through teaching what he’s learned over the years. He’s built a solid network of contacts within the hospitality, consulting, and construction industries. A big proponent of designing with precision and finding efficiencies, you’ll often hear him say, “Do it once. Do it right. Move on.”

Paul is also a member of CHIL Interior Design, the hospitality studio of B+H.

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