Henry Zhang’s fascination with architecture was sparked at an early age and has evolved into his passion. Henry was taught to appreciate the value of art as a child through the diligent practice of seal cutting – an ancient Chinese art form combining calligraphy and stone engraving. Appreciating that architecture is a blend of the arts and engineering, he enjoys the challenges involved in his work. Henry’s an avid hiker who loves to explore the ever-changing and breathtaking natural landscapes and architecture of North America. He has travelled to many places throughout North America, Europe, Asia, and Africa getting to know different people and diverse cultures and these experiences have informed his sense of collaboration.


Design inspiration comes from understanding a project’s limitations and working to overcome obstacles.

As Technical Director, Henry possesses rich knowledge and experience of the building system and is well-versed in local Chinese and international building codes and regulations. He controls design delivery and service, and ensures that from concept to construction, a bold design can be reached. Among his diversified responsibilities, he particularly enjoys mentoring young architects. Inspired by the challenges and constraints he overcomes in his daily work, Henry believes that challenges create great opportunities for innovation. Through understanding the many facets of his work, Henry appreciates how each step of development can express its own unique logic through detailed and tailored design.

Henry has spent over 23 years in architecture involved in various roles from project design, through to contract administration. Henry joined the B+H Toronto office in 2001 having previously worked as an architect in China for eight years. After six years in the Toronto office, Henry was relocated to the B+H Shanghai office in 2007 where there is a high demand for the skills he possesses.