Humanizing The Tech Space

Confidential Executive Project

Project Photos

Known universally as one of the world’s leading technology organizations, this global software company’s culture recognizes that people are the heart of its business. Designing new executive spaces afforded the opportunity to acknowledge the people at the heart of the company’s success and to look towards the future, yet respect the legacy of its early beginnings.

Five key principles set the tone for the design exploration: spaces are for people, technology is human, simplicity not austerity, brand is more, and nature is our ally. From these inspiring principles, we evolved a palette of warm neutrals, natural wood, bronze accents, and textural fabrics. The materiality of each space has a very human quality. Technology is present throughout, but in service to the user, not as a dominant feature. Specialized built-in casework houses some of the company’s most high-tech devices in a way that makes them both easily accessible and aesthetically appealing. Each area is outfitted with subtle, accessible plug-in opportunities. Punches of red animate the quiet palette of natural tones, representing exciting glimpses of a bright future. A fallen walnut tree, preserved for almost twenty years, was transformed into custom furniture pieces, each telling a story of reuse, natural beauty and respect for the past.

The project scope includes the Executive Board Room, a casual library-style meeting room known as “The Den” for one-on-one media interviews and smaller group gatherings, a private Executive Conference Room, kitchenette, and an open meeting area for the C-Suite.