Elegant, Functional & Sustainable Design

Shanghai General Motors – Administrative Office Building

Project Photos

Providing a modern home for their administrative services in Shanghai, we worked with General Motors to create flexible office spaces that would serve their immediate needs while also accommodating for future growth and changing requirements. For inspiration, we explored how we could communicate a fusion of car design principles and the fundamentals of engineering through the building’s planning and design. The facility reflects this blend where economics, efficiency and functionality meet elegance and sustainability. Clean design details and elegant finishes create a prominent presence within its immediate context and welcome employees and visitors into a space that conveys innovation and evolution.


To address the need for flexibility as the company continues to grow and the industry changes, services are packed densely into two central cores. Broad spanning columns are used to form large open concept areas for changeable layouts. An open-air rooftop space provides employees with an outdoor area as a gathering place during breaks and adds to the sustainability of the design.