A Timeless Urban Oasis

Novotel Toronto

Project Photos

Inspired by the vibrant, urban energy of Toronto’s downtown core, the interior design concept for Novotel Toronto fuses timeless design with unique flourishes to update the property and give it a strong voice and new perspective.

Guest rooms are washed in a soothing pallet of deep greys and neutral tones, creating a serene and calming atmosphere. A beautiful black-and-white skyscape comprises the wall behind the beds, helping guests to feel as though they are in another world, far from the hustle and bustle of the city below. It calls to mind the modern traveler who spends a great deal of time up in the sky, both physically and mentally. Here, though, they can rest and recuperate to take on their next journey.

Millwork finished in deep walnut tones add a richness and depth to the space while custom lighting creates a luxurious experience. The design exudes modernity, simplicity, and restfulness. Every need is met, but in the cleanest of ways, enabling the guest to clear their mind and focus on what matters most for them.  The carpeting utilizes a bold geometric pattern to reflect the urban atmosphere, but in the same pallet of greys to keep the feeling calm. The guestrooms feel decidedly urban while also providing a respite from the chaos of the city outside. The clean lines and modern aesthetic extend to the guest bathrooms which are given a modern and sophisticated update.