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RCMP E Division Headquarters Relocation

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This $966-million Public-Private Partnership project is the largest divisional Royal Canadian Mounted Police headquarters in Canada, and is the largest project undertaken by Public Works and Government Services Canada in British Columbia to date. As the Managing Consultant for the Owner’s Advisory Team, B+H Architects provided technical support to Public Works and Government Services Canada throughout the P3 procurement process.

The new campus development provides accommodation for more than 2,700 employees and includes a seven-storey operations and administration building, emergency services facility and siting for a future forensics laboratory.

As the Owner’s Advisor, B+H offered consulted on all phases of this P3 contract, including RFP documentation and review of proponent presentations, participation in collaborative meetings with Bidders, reviews of all submittals and design commitment documents, reviews of extras outside contract, monthly site audit reports, and oversaw compliance with the Project Agreement.  B+H also sat on the Pilot Project Committee where a typical office area was designed, procured and established to determine the best work environment for the employees and officers and to establish facility standards.

B+H’s advisory team quickly became familiar with the needs of the clients, both PWGSC and the RCMP, meeting with them on a regular basis. In break-out meetings we offered specific expertise to ensure the RCMP would ultimately receive the facility they originally set out to get: an ambitious state-of-the-art building that will enhance the RCMP’s ability to provide integrated and intelligence-based policing, allowing them to be even more effective in enforcing the law while enabling greater collaboration of staff, and enriching working relationships. Information sharing, operations, and diversity of resources are markedly improved, while current and anticipated future safety and security requirements are met. B+H’s expertise guided the team in understanding the sensitivities required in order to get optimum results.

Requiring spaces that increase performance, the facility had to enable greater collaboration of staff by providing enriching workplace relationships. Information sharing, operations, and the diversity of resources have been markedly improved, and current and anticipated future safety and security requirements have also been met in a LEED® Gold high-security and flexible facility.. Advanced energy modelling studies were utilized to study the deployment of energy efficiency measures and assist in quantifying energy savings to provide the Owners with long-term operational savings, while enhancing the workplace environment. Due to the sustainability features such as the chilled beams, efficient lighting systems, and other environmentally responsible technologies, it is anticipated the RCMP E Division Headquarters will use 18 per cent less energy than a comparable building of its size and save nearly $160,000 annually in utility costs.