Smart New Spaces To Complement A Company’s Culture

Gardiner Roberts LLP

Project Photos

After working in the same offices for over twenty years, Gardiner Roberts was interested in exploring how their office culture would translate in another location – a newly constructed office tower complete with amenities. After an initial test fit demonstrated a 10% reduction of space in this new location, our client decided to further examine this fresh possibility. We worked collaboratively with the Gardiner Roberts design committee to realize the potential of the building’s floorplate to accommodate their office spaces as well as the area they requested to host their clients that their previous location was lacking.

The new approximately 8,400 sf client centre allows them to conduct monthly seminars onsite versus having to book hotel conference rooms, in addition to providing them with the space they need to host evening events for clients and to conduct charitable endeavours. Anchored on the reception area, it allows for enhanced and integrated conference abilities. The centre incorporates a variety of meeting rooms, catering facilities, and a large multi-purpose conference room with a vertically folding wall that stores neatly in the ceiling to allow for flexible space. Central to the firm’s overall office space is the lounge, which provides the staff with areas for dining and coffee breaks and features a TV area with breathtaking views of the city skyline from floor-to-ceiling windows. Equipped with audio visual devices, the lounge is also used for ad hoc meetings and staff functions.

While private offices are located along the perimeter of the plan, glass office fronts allow natural light to filter through. A gradient etched pattern creates a cloudy effect at eye level to provide visual privacy while clear glass above streams natural light into the office core. All interior offices use this same effect on sleek sliding glass doors. Collaborative workrooms situated in every corner are equipped with the flexibility required to facilitate universal office sizes to create equal status for all staff.