Redesigning Spaces To Support Communities

Crystal Galleria

Project Photos

Crystal Galleria stood as an empty structure for two years. Faced with redesigning a building with existing columns and escalators and a lack of natural light, our team worked within constraints to create a new and lively space. A total of six storeys, this retail establishment features a mixed-use podium and office tower. Working closely with the client, we reorganized the interior of the shopping mall to suit anticipated traffic and circulation patterns most efficiently. The shopping mall features three atria and open spaces used as temporary promotional areas to encourage interaction and community gathering.

Our design team used the multi-faceted and reflective properties of crystals to add depth, detail, and energy to the space. The concept of crystals is extrapolated into the interior design through atria shaped to reflect the geometric and angled nature of crystal structures and atria ceilings with skylights lit in different colours to create a twinkling effect. These vertical spaces use the crystal design to connect levels and areas. To accommodate for the lack of natural lighting, the mall is strategically illuminated with spotlights that add luminosity and give the impression of jewels embedded in the ceiling.

Linked to public transit, the mall is connected to a subway tunnel that continues the crystal aesthetic using reflective aluminum surfaces and interactive LED screens. As consumers make their way through the mall, they’re led through the many aspects of the design and the various elements of this mixed-use space. The basement level features an interesting urban market, replete with food and beverage options; a concept that is fresh and captures the interests of the surrounding office crowds during weekdays and families on the weekends. As consumers make their way up to the top levels, they can find trendy and elegant retailers.