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Deloitte Tower

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Successfully planning a commercial tower requires a careful balance between response to immediate requirements and allowing for future use through flexibility in individual floor plate design. Working with design architect Kohn Pederson Fox Associates, we designed the 26-storey Deloitte Tower to address the immediate needs of professional services firm Deloitte as the main tenant while providing additional space that could be effectively used by other occupants. The tower is a multi-use complex that includes commercial office space, retail and abundant underground parking. Its tall and sleek glass construction stands as an interesting contrast to historic Windsor Station on one side and Bell Centre on the other.

Deloitte Tower also incorporates a portion of the heritage Bush Shed into its structure to pay homage to the area’s history. To connect the office spaces and departments within the company, it features an open atrium space with a cantilevered staircase that runs through the floors used by Deloitte. Providing much-needed retail and office space to the downtown core, giving people the option to get there by public transportation was a main mandate. To increase ease of access, the tower was designed to not only connect to the main subway station but also link directly with the city’s main underground network serving pedestrians. Located on a busy city street, the building serves as a key landmark building contributing to the growth of the area.