Putting a Fresh Spin on an Established Culture

PCL Toronto District Office

Project Photos

After 25 years in their Greater Toronto Area operations office, PCL Constructors Canada Inc. (Toronto) decided it was time to renovate their home base to reflect how their business and industry has evolved. They were ready to invest in a space that would sustain PCL well into the future. Our client wanted their new office space to help them work differently as an organization. They identified the need for a more collaborative workplace environment – one that focuses more on employee integration, engagement, and the sharing of information and technology, while showcasing raw elements of construction.

The office features open concept and hoteling spaces with both walled and open areas, inviting gathering and collaboration. Essential to the PCL culture is the work café. Frequently bustling, it also serves as a multi-purpose room for meetings. A show-stopping staircase links the two floors, increasing connectivity between departments, while the overall design encourages employees to move and collaborate.

Prioritizing employees’ health and well-being, and the company’s focus on sustainability, the fit-out is designed to LEED v4 and can evolve with changing standards. New technology, modern features, and communal spaces change how people work, while natural light washing into every corner impacts health through intuitive design. Every effort was made to enhance the quality of light and views to the exterior – including continuous clear glass fronts on all perimeter rooms, new indirect LED pendent lighting, and maximum reflectance from ceiling and furniture finishes.

Our client’s new workplace put a fresh spin on their already established culture by fusing current and future leadership values pertaining to culture, work ethic, teamwork, and the importance of ‘getting the job done’ with the needs of employees. Employees were asking for an environment that facilitated more collaboration to embrace challenges together; a focus on health, well-being and work life balance; and the integration of technology. A workplace design that considered all these features would move everyone together confidently into the future.

Whenever we encountered difficult site conditions or challenging details, the design team devised a plan to not only solve the issue but enhance it. Through attention to detail and an unwillingness to let even the smallest detail slip, it’s clear why the office design has so effectively supported our vision.