Retail Design for a Disruptive Future

The MixC Qingdao

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Located in China’s eastern Shandong province in a city famous for its beer and beautiful coastal geography, the MixC Qingdao is a development owned by China Resources Land (CRL), one of China’s leading commercial real estate developers. CRL’s flagship mall and home to its high-end retail brand, MixC Qingdao is the largest of its kind nationwide, serving as the city’s newest commercial landmark. In 2016, B+H was commissioned by the client to renovate key interior areas as well as the curtain wall of the 6th level.

Our client’s vision was to transform the existing building into a lifestyle destination; one that would address the disruptive impact of electronic, mobile and social commerce and unite the community through shared social spaces encouraging connection and interaction. Understanding this disruptive digital transformation and its impact on the retail industry, our unique design concepts for levels B1, B2 and L6 demonstrate the impact of social attractors. Through dedicated public spaces, visitors are offered unique and memorable experiences, transforming the MixC Qingdao into a lifestyle destination rather than simply another place to shop.

The creation of two special retail zones located at levels B1 and B2 integrate several multi-use spaces that can be configured for sports activities, public events, concerts, fashion shows, and a multitude of other uses. Retail is seamlessly integrated into this mixed-use model through food & beverage offerings, boutique fashion stores, and small crafts and DIY shops that encourage visitors to leisurely wander throughout the mall and explore its offerings.

Our design draws inspiration from urban parks. Qingdao, with its beautiful coast and natural landscape, is one of China’s most livable cities. Our design creates an outdoor atmosphere for visitors through a park landscape, kids’ playground and a jogging trail. A vibrant yet intimate urban park, the setting embraces a variety of social and solo activities to generate a truly immersive experience by celebrating cultural and geographic diversity and acceptance. The result is an interconnected community grounded in Chinese tradition yet poised for the future. To attract younger visitors, we named the area NN Park. A popular cyber term among millennials, NN implies infinite possibilities. A series of striking colourful elements inject energy into the space, including yellow LED neon ceiling lighting, which also accommodates for the lack of natural lighting. Sitting in sharp contrast to the nearby concrete jungle, NN Park is a welcome burst of colour – rich with activity, fun, and energy.

Level 6, known as the City in the Sky (inspired by the name of a famous Japanese film called “Castle in the Sky”), reflects the social nature of Asian street food culture. Organized around a courtyard with a defining skylight known as the “urban plaza”, this public area offers plenty of space for visitors to socialize, eat and connect. Exterior terraces on this level offer beautiful views to the energy of the city and nearby oceanfront. Mix C will become the primary location for special local events such as the Qingdao Beer Festival, Summer Farmers’ Markets, and other public events for businesses and families.


The Mix C_L6