Merging the Creative Culture of Neighborhood and Company

Confidential Internet Retailer

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Headquartered in downtown Seattle, with a booming online presence, this digital tech giant looked toward the B+H interior design team to envision a space that inspires their employees, attracts new talent, and reflects their company culture.

The space is a new, 11-storey building in the Denny Triangle neighborhood of Seattle with 5 additional below grade parking levels. This tech company needed a new space for their Website Services team and landed on this site. They developed a set of internal guidelines and asked the B+H team to prototype their configuration. The concept dedicates three floors of the building to office workstations followed by an amenity floor with alternative workspaces and it was developed to maximize headcount as well as encourage movement throughout the space. This building was the first free-address workspace for all employees without assigned seating on any of the floors.

Seattle’s Denny Triangle neighborhood has a culture deeply rooted in the arts. For more than 50 years the area was filled with artists, musicians, actors, and filmmakers.

Since time immemorial, creativity has disrupted society by challenging norms and making us think – through art, paintings, song lyrics and performances. This is the perfect setting for a client who continues to disrupt the retail landscape through advanced technology, innovative thinking and bold moves. The design concepts for the building’s interior spaces celebrate the work of artists and the community’s collective spirit.

Inspired by the neighborhood, our team envisaged the building as distinct “districts” defined by three themes; music, graphic art, and stage.  The design concept celebrates musicians, artists, writers, poets, filmmakers and performers who go their own way, despite mainstream norms. These artists and their ideas are often initially met with skepticism, which lands them and their work on the fringe of society. These movements create a counter culture of their own, gaining momentum and influencing society in impactful ways. Being immersed in such a creative legacy on a daily basis inspires and compels a continued culture of innovation and rule-breaking.

B+H’s Tenant Improvement team was a pleasure to work with. They consistently produced quality deliverables, met critical deadlines, communicated effectively, and made meetings both fun and productive. 

-Jocelyn Bauer, Owner’s Representative, Seneca Group