Building A Legacy

University of Windsor – Ed Lumley Centre for Engineering Innovation

Project Photos

Creating a hands-on educational environment, the building is constructed with a variety of building materials so that students and researchers are able to monitor the facility for research and learning purposes. Four bridges that span over the main atrium can be tested for material strain and deformation. The design of the building itself is an innovative engineering exercise and provides practical experience with how systems perform over time. The green roof is also equipped with measurement devices to allow students to compare the data from the green roof to that of a control sample on a regular roof.


This flagship facility at the University of Windsor has more than 80 teaching and research laboratories, some with features never seen before in North America. Classrooms, meeting rooms and computer teaching suites provide students with the collaborative meeting and study spaces they need to interact and grow.


Inspired by connection within the community, the facility features bright, open and collaborative spaces. Its large, expansive windows bring plenty of daylight into the building, connecting people and areas to the natural environment outside and to each other. The Centre’s interior living wall also makes a marked improvement on indoor air quality. With an industrial courtyard designed for joint industry/university research projects, it bridges education with research and trade innovation – empowering students and researchers to help define Canada’s future within the field of engineering.