Rebranding Through Design

Paul & Shark – Hong Kong

Project Photos

Showcasing leading Italian luxury lifestyle brand Paul & Shark, the Asian flagship store in Hong Kong is located on Canton Road Tsim Sha Tsui—an area known for its high-end shopping experience. Bringing renewed glamour to the district, we designed both the façade and interiors. To understand the brand better, we visited Paul & Shark stores and workshops in Milan and Varese, Italy to take in their fine craftsmanship and innovative spirit. We also worked closely with our client to completely immerse ourselves in the flavour and unique aesthetic of the brand to map its reinvention through newly designed spaces.

Taking inspiration from the Milan headquarters, the design of the store combines classic Italian elegance with modern elements including steel, wood, and customized furniture. The thoughtful layout of glass and steel elements along with strategic lighting within the space helps to portray the essence of the Paul & Shark lifestyle to create a unique shopping experience. Every element was considered—from major façade features and interior finishes as detailed as the custom hangers we designed.

B+H approached the design by creating an experience of discovery for every customer. Video walls on the façade frame the storefront. A large open retail space creates clear sightlines that let customers easily navigate the store, while cashiers remain discreet. This next level of discretion is created through an intimate VIP lounge designed as a space to welcome, and provide comfort for, the store’s top clientele.

Shimmering as glittering ripples of water, the façade incorporates indigo aluminum steel patchwork to evoke the sensation of sailing over foamy ocean waves. The result of the overall design concept is a fresh take on the company’s identity and the luxury and elegance that not only reflects the Paul & Shark brand but also the area it’s located in.